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may we have a safe and prosperous year

Kerri Smith |
To Johnny Dennis and the other members of the honor guard that were able to be present and the visitation services for Mr. Ray Hulsey on April 28, 2005 in Marion County... THANK YOU!!! Ray served our community for over 30 years as a volunteer. He will be missed.
May 3 2005--21:00:33 - Brilliant, AL

Shannon Davidson |
On behalf of my family we would like to express our heartfelt gratitude to the AAVFD Honor Guard. Words cannot begin to express our appreciation for your attendance and participation in the funeral of my Dad, Heubert "Bo" Lambert.
April 29 2005--12:09:46 - Citronelle, Al.

Samantha Manning |
I was just wondering if u have any fire departments wanting a volunteer person cause i live in the southern part Al. Right now i have a kidney transplant coming up in July and i can't drive but i was wondering if there was a possible way that after my transplant i could be on a volunteer fire department. I also have a b/f that is going to move down after he gets his degree in criminal justice from IA He is wanting to be on the same department as i am. If anyone else wants to contact me and help me i would appreciate it. Thanks!!!!!!!!!
April 28 2005--09:34:37

Dan Jordan | | http:/
I am a Los Angeles County Deputy Sheriff (19 yrs) and I need some help in a very important project I am working on. It is a book called the "First Responders Handbook of Humor." It is a combination of a stress management workshop I give to first responders and humorous stories from first responders as experienced in their careers. What I need is your help to spread the word at your station about my project and website to help me get more stories. All the details are on the website. For people that submit stories, they will receive a free copy of the book and a portion of the books proceeds will go to a first responder charity. One goal for this book is to get first responder stories from all 50 states. So far I am closing in on that goal but don't have any yet from your state. I appreciate any help you can give me in this matter..............
Dan Jordan, Infotainer
"The Affordable Orator"
(Balance Ur Life - You'll Always Win!)
April 16 2005--18:05:43 - Los Angeles

Jacob Jefferson | | N/A
I am thinking about relocating to Al and am wanting to get on a fire dept. when i move down to be with my girlfriend. My g/f lives in Al that is why i am moving down to AL.
April 5 2005--22:00:22 - Grundy Center,IA

John Farmer | |
Nice Site Johnny!!! Very informative. Hope to see ya in New York!!

John Farmer
Chief, Knowles FD
President, New Mexico State Fire Fighters' Assn.
March 30 2005--17:07:09 - Hobbs New Mexico

kevin browning |
Alabama volunteer firefighter for 13years down there in newton with zig.
March 30 2005--16:23:25 - washington state

Richard |
Thank you Rogersville fire and rescue for keeping an eye out for the Anderson community,and backing them up keep up the good work.
March 16 2005--15:52:35 - Anderson Alabama

Michael D. Badonsky |
Good work!
February 11 2005--23:03:41

brandon martin
i am a jr.fireman with fulton fire department i just want to thank yall for what yall do and great site
February 5 2005--21:43:30 - fultonalabama

Allan Smith |
Just stopping by
January 18 2005--15:12:30 - Lightwood Volunteer Fire Deptment

Terry Bacon, EMS Chief | TGBacon@Olin.Com
Please forward to me membership information for my volunteer fire department. Thank you! Seven Hills Fire District, 590-B Schillinger Road, #58, Mobile, AL 36695, (251) 633-5606
January 14 2005--10:28:05 - Mobile, AL

clinton johnston |
i would like to become a fire fighter some day
January 5 2005--11:30:10 - trussville- alabama

Jerry Zacharczuk Ph.D. |
Keep up the good work
December 14 2004--18:03:55 - Clement Township Fire Rescue, Michigan

Bill DeKing | |
Great Web Page Keep Up The Good Work
December 12 2004--21:38:38 - Medway Mass.

Aaron Dawson |
I want to be part of the Alabama fire Dept. I just moved here from Maine,, I live in the Wetumpka is there any openings. Thanks
November 21 2004--21:11:15 - Wetumpka, Al

Jerrell Lewis |
You do avery important job in your areas Keep up the good work
November 18 2004--18:12:30 - Jefferson County

Jamie agee |
good site
November 14 2004--10:03:34 - alabama

Chris Emerson |
October 22 2004--11:03:31 - Birmingham Alabama

October 15 2004--12:05:01 - EASTERN VALLEY VOL. FIRE & RESCUE

Joey Boyd: Chief ELVFD |
I would like to Thank the Northern Honor Guard for their presents this past weekend a Clint Ronnie's furnel in Limestone County. Clint was killed while out clearing roadways of trees that were blown down across the County Thursday nite. He was a member of the GoodSprings VFD in Limestone County. He will be greatly missed.
September 21 2004--18:13:42

Robert J. J. McClear |
I am a firefighter from Stoystown ,Pa.Iam interested in knowing the light bar regulations for volunteer responders for the fire Depts.I am going to relocate to the North Alabama area within the next 3 months and have a light bar on my vehicle at the moment and wondering the colors allowed for the fire dept.In Pa we run blue for non-officers and Red for Officers and fire police.I wish to know the requirements so I will be able to leave the lite bar on my truck.I will be joining the volunteer dept as soon as I get settled in North Alabama. Thank You
September 16 2004--22:31:36 - Stoystown , Pennsylvania

Ralph | |
Your web site inspired me a lot. Thank you very much. Greetings from Germany.
September 12 2004--14:52:06 - Germany

strephany |
i want to be a firefighter when i get older
September 3 2004--12:12:59 - alabama

Alfred James Cooper |
Just wonted to know if my training form North Carolina could be transfered to this state
August 28 2004--19:26:27 - 510 11 street south

Anthony Shaw |
Great site, keep up the good work!
July 4 2004--16:49:20 - Greenhill VFD, Lauderdale County

July 3 2004--22:58:16 - MORGAN COUNTY

Sergio Pascual | |
Im Volunteer firefighter in Argentina, I want to send my best regards to all the firefighters of that country and tell you that in this part of the world we valorate too much thats heroes of 09/11.
June 22 2004--17:03:07 - Villa Mercedes City, Argentina

Mike McCormick |
Thanks to everyone in Houston County for a great guys made everyone of us feel welcome. It was my first conference in several years and I am sorry I missed a few years because I realize I missed a great time! To out for the Wedowee team next year...we are coming prepared to carry home some trophies! Again, thanks to AAVFD and Houston County for a great weekend.
June 22 2004--08:52:52 - Wedowee, Alabama

Joey Boyd |
Would like to thank all of Houston County VFD's for their hard work for the AAVFD Conference this past weekend. A great time was had by all. The host Hotel,Quailty Inn,took good care of us, from all of the East Limestone VFD we thank you. We look forward to returning for another visit.
June 21 2004--10:24:59

I was at Smith Lake Park for this past holliday weekend and seen a dedicated firefighter from Cullman Co. I think he was on fire patrole he was in his tournout pants, boots and hood, riding around the beach area on his green Ninja motorcycle in 90* heat.

June 7 2004--09:34:38

Scott Ward | |
Good web site
June 5 2004--17:02:48 - Haleyville, AL

Joey Boyd |
It was a pleasure to go over to Dekalb County to put on their firefighter competition. Everyone there made us feel right at home. We look foreward to returning again next year. I hope to see the teams in Dothan in June along with many other teams from around the state.
May 20 2004--20:16:17

Chief Abbott | |
Thanks to Joey and Sandy for doing the Dekalb County Competition. Great job! See yall in Dothan.
May 15 2004--22:07:09 - Sylvania, AL

Larry Pylant |
Would like a fire patch from your organization. thanks, Larry Pylant
May 6 2004--18:41:44 - 10 gabriel Munford, Tn. 38058

Deb Nehls |
Currently in Michigan, moving to Alabama in 1 week. Hope to find a Department in the Elkmont or Athens area to join.
April 30 2004--14:40:44 - Beaver Township F.D., Kawkawlin, MI

Joey Boyd Chief ELVFD |
I hope ths year more people get involed with the association. Don't send your vote by proxy, show up, vote your vote and let the association know your concerns. There are things that happen this past year that you as members should know about, so get involved.
April 30 2004--09:48:00

April Fischer |
Just a fellow Volunteer fire fighter surfing the web, hunting fire gear and supplies.
March 22 2004--15:34:04 - Red Level, Alabama

kevin p blanton |
great site ya'll very helpful
i've just joined the elmore al vfd
i also work for the state of alabama/revenue
March 18 2004--15:00:11 - elmore, alabama

Dan Green | |
I have a question that has been plauging my fire department's volunteer firefighters association.

Currently, only volunteers are allowed to vote on issues.
The reason behind this is to prevent the paid staff e.g. fire chief, training officer, fire marshal, etc from taking over meetings or influencing votes in their favor etc.
Now however, our fire marshal proposed that the status of the paid staff be changed from honorary members to full voting members.
This has caused intensely heated arguments between the paid staff and the volunteers who want the association to remain theirs alone.

What do you folks think?
do any of you have rules regarding this issue?
any help will be greatly appreciated.
my association will meet next month to decide on what to do and some insite will be useful.
March 9 2004--14:00:37

Rhonda Frazier |
Wow!You have a real nice website and hoping to set one up for our volunteer fire department in Higginsport,Ohio.Be safe!!
March 9 2004--07:02:43 - Higginsport,Ohio

joe (baby) haskew |
i am a volunteer fireman for fulton volunteer fire departmen in fulton alabama. We appreciate the work that yall do in the newsletter.
March 5 2004--18:59:19 - Fulton Alabama

Joey Boyd |
Competition events this year in Dothan will be: The Air Pack Relay; Obstacle Course and the Water on the Roof. Hope to see many teams there. If rules are needed, you can down load from this web site or call the AAVFD Office. Good Luck to all.
February 8 2004--20:45:02

January 29 2004--11:03:53 - ABA,NAIJA

Jason Clemmons |
Hey This is a great site. I am a Jr. At Oakland and this really helps out seeing what other fire departments have and do.
January 27 2004--11:29:29 - Florence

Candy |
This is a great site. I would like to remind all departments who participate or who have ever participated in the competition events at the appreciation days and also the conference to always let Joey and Sandy Boyd know just how great of a job they do with the events and keeping them running smoothly. Also would like to say to all teams to be sure and let the officers of the Association know just how much they mean to you by requesting that they are always over all of the competitions, expecially the AAVFD conference and the Fire Fighter Appreciation Days. Call and write to the officers of the Association in letting them know that you support Joey and Sandy and request that they be over the competitions for as long as they will do so. They are great at their jobs and very dedicated. Thanks Joey and Sandy for all you do...oh yea Joey, "I had rather not" LOL
January 4 2004--04:51:06 - Hanceville

Lawrence Alley Asst. Chief Belforest VFD |
From Baldwin County I wish to wish everyone a very Merry Christmass and a Happy New Year. Hope you have as much success in the new year as you deserve. Keep up the good works. Thanks
December 18 2003--22:38:31 - Belforest , Baldwin County, Alabama

Liz McKeever | |
Hi. We are working towards defining an Auxiliary for the Theodore-Tillman's Corner VFD in Mobile County. We are small now but really want to make it grow to support our fighters in the coming year. If you have any suggestions, I would love to hear them. Thanks for any help! God bless!
December 10 2003--09:52:05 - Theodore-Tillman's Corner (Mobile Cty)

Johnna |
hey sweetie it is me ur cuzz johnna i tho i would sign ur guest book well i will talk to u later buh bye love ya
November 16 2003--21:46:33 - Pine Hill

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