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Bill Minton |
I like this site because it has alot of very interisting information and facts..
November 13 2003--18:24:21 - Butman Twp. Fire & Rescue | |
Great site! Rocket City Mail Handler
October 27 2003--16:00:47 - Huntsville AL

Chief Joey Boyd |
For all those who missed out on a great time in Thomasville this past weekend, you should have been there. The Firefighter competition was great we had 9 teams this year. Fulton took home the 1st place honors, Thomasville 2nd place over all & East Limestone 3rd over all. Congrads to all the teams who competed, they all did an outstanding job. Clarke County did a great job in putting all this together. We had a wonderful time, look forward to going back to visit again.
October 1 2003--09:03:43

Terry Hughes |
just vol. at remlap and finding more info than I thought would be for vol.
September 24 2003--13:22:46 - Remlap

My Husband Larry Meek was in the Fire Service for 20 years till his untimely death in Dec of 2000, I am still in the Fire Service doing anything I can to carry on all he had accomplished..I only wish there were more people out there with the same feelings that would put their heart in this Service.
September 19 2003--10:38:57 - KOWALIGA VOL. FIRE DEPARTMENT

Frankie L. Hudson |
I was a volunteer fireman for 18 years and became disable an I cant do this anymore, I pray for my felow fireman.iI was a volunteer at Rosa Fire Dept. in Blount County. I served as Asst.Cheif an Capt.of rescue squad an the tranning officer. I miss this very much.
Frankie L. Hudson
September 11 2003--20:24:19 - I live in Cullman County now

Roy Louis Jines / Fire Chief |
Very Informative and helpful site
August 20 2003--17:12:27 - Forkland Volunteer Fire Dept ,Forkland, Al.

Katrina Pearsey |
Hello, I am looking for some information on some 160 hour courses in the north al region. If anyone knows of any please mail me back. I am the secretary for the Broomtown/Rhinehart Volunteer Fire Department in Gaylesville Al.
July 17 2003--10:12:43 - Broomtown/Rhinehart

Dorothy Gast |
Romulus VFD is in the southwest corner of Tuscaloosa County. Established in 1997 it is serving households in 35446 and 35463.
July 10 2003--20:05:38 - Romulus Volunteer Fire Department

Tammy Kaser |
Hey guys! Just wanted to let you know that I had a blast in Ft. Payne, although I did miss the airpack relay (being that is the only event that I can participate in). Other than that, the conference was great. See you in Thomasville for FF Appreciation.
July 6 2003--18:41:02 - Vinemont, AL

kevin henry | | n/a
as a former volunteer myself at a dept. in st clair county,i would like to say that i appreciate what u do for our depts.after finshing nursing school,i will go back to being a volunteer again.
June 26 2003--11:01:59 - gadsden,al

!st VP AAVFD Joey Boyd |
The time is almost here, for the AAVFD Conference in Ft. Payne, looking forward to seeing all of you there. If you can't be there and are sending your votes by proxy votes be sure you have the person vote the way your dept. wished and not leave the chooses to the person carrying your votes, remember these votes are yours not theirs.
June 21 2003--18:33:59

Robert W. Keller Sr. | | N/A
I am a volunteer Firefighter and Rescue person for one of Walker Countys' few volunteers.I am also a First Responder. I enjoy my job of helping other people in need.And will do my best to serve when needed any where
June 14 2003--19:12:18 - Boldo Fire and Rescue Walker County, Alabama

David W. Meek |
real nice to have someone that cares
June 9 2003--07:36:53 - KVFD, Eclectic,Al.

Anthony Pickett |
Keep up the good work A Proud Member of my community and the VFD.
June 7 2003--12:41:17 - Clayhatchee, AL

Phillip Lang |
great site
June 3 2003--23:37:36 - Theodore-Tillmans Corner VFD

Phillip Lang |
Never Rest ever vigilant
June 3 2003--23:33:57 - Theodore

LT Jerry Zacharczuk PhD |
This is a great page. I like what you have done and all the information you have made available.
May 21 2003--16:18:39 - Butman Township Fire Rescue

Randy Okopny | oko@INEL.GOV
Nice web page, Just looking at how to make a web page for our departmnet
May 10 2003--06:03:59 - IDAHO

Stephen C. Ashley |
firefighter at johnson's crossing ala
i love to help all the com it has a great feeling
April 9 2003--20:10:36 - cullman county alabama

Monya Claborn |
I would like to help any fire department that is in need of department equipment or is interested in providing training for a county for special services. I work with a group that writes grants for these services. The money for these services will be released shortly. If you are interested please call me at 256-340-3533 or fax me at 256-340-3433. My name is Monya Claborn. My Cell phone Number is 256-466-4115. The money amount has no limit large or small. Thank you, Monya Claborn
April 7 2003--11:38:59 - Decatur, Alabama

Kevin Jones |
This is a really interesting site
April 2 2003--17:46:08 - South Shelby County (Lay Lake area)

Joey Boyd 1st V-P AAVFD |
Just want to let everyone to watch for your newsletter (The Volunteer) in coming months. There are some by-law changes that will be voted on at the annual Conference in Ft. Payne. I hope everyone takes a long look at them & helps support the changes that are needed for this Asociation to move forward. Thank You Joey Boyd 1st V-P AAVFD
March 25 2003--17:59:06

Dale Patterson |
I'm the Chief of the Dallas-Selfville Fire & Rescue and I'm glad to be on the e-group now, keep up the good work guys.
March 18 2003--22:59:49 - Blount County

I'm 6 years old i love firemen i wish i could be a fireman
March 13 2003--11:40:10 - Indiana

Robert Miller, Firefighter/EMT-IV | |
Very nice site; keep up the good work!
March 13 2003--04:25:06 - Jefferson City, TN

Dave Kempter |
hay waz up i am 16 years old and i am working at Empire State and i am a paid EMT and Paramedic and i hop to work for FDNy as a parmedic and also you have a great websight
March 11 2003--11:49:49 - Montrose NY

March 9 2003--16:21:57 - OAKMAN, ALABAMA

Joey Boyd AAVFD Competition Chairman |
Ok gang here are the events that will be run at the AAVFD Conferance in Ft. Payne. We will run the Hose Lay II, Obstacle Course and the Bucket Brigade. Be sure to get a new set of rules from the AAVFD Office for the Hose Lay II, the rules have changed from last year. Good luck to all.
March 2 2003--21:21:08

Jason Manns unit #521 | |
Like your site, keep up the good work. Check out my new volunteer firefighting message board. Feel free to post any fire info you have, and tell all firefighters you know to come check it out.
February 27 2003--12:56:42 - Wallins, KY (WVFD)

Joey Boyd 1st V-P AAVFD |
Would like to let those who are going to be at competition this year at Ft. Payne, I have decided on two of the events we will run. They are the Hose Lay II & the bucket brigade, as soon as I decide what the third event will be it will be posted here, and on AAVFD e-groups. Rules for Hose Lay II can be gotten from the AAVFD Office. The rules from last year will not work, they have been changed.
February 27 2003--11:47:47

John T Redden | |
Nice Site, come and visit us
February 19 2003--13:17:19

junior simmons |
member of locust shores vfd
February 12 2003--20:01:52 - tuscumbia al

February 3 2003--12:55:24 - BLOUNTSVILLE , ALABAMA

johnny bice |
im very proud to serve as a vol. firefighter for my community of neel alabama which is a part of morgan co.
January 16 2003--23:17:29 - neel alabama

Roy Louis Jines |
Fire Chief elected 10/02
January 12 2003--08:53:44 - Forkland Volunteer Fire Department

AAVFD webmaster | |
Testing new guestbook.

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January 7 2003--23:03:36 - Alabama

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